For the non-woven business, the automotive industry represents a fundamental end market. The non-woven applications are practically used in all automotive interior parts and then from the trunk to the hatches, from the door inserts to the pillars.
Deatex Group satisfies the needs of the automotive sector by guaranteeing high quality of non-woven capable of assuring:

  • water-repellant features
  • flame retardant
  • acoustic featureselongation
  • web uniformity


For the manufacturing of these parts, we offer high yield spunlaced non-wovens. The low pressure injection molding technology, in fact, allows us to offer a product capable of providing both high mechanical performance and perfect web uniformity. Our catalogue includes spunlaced nonwoven from 25 to 200 g/m2 in polyester, polypropylene and cellulose, which can be realized in white, black or other colors upon request.


For the production of headliners we supply different kind of non-woven:
1. For the two step process, we have water repellant non-woven in different colors.
2. For the one step process we have bulky uniform web to avoid glue penetration
3. For all the back side of the headliners we have special nonwovens in combination with film to grant a good barrier to protect the tools


For the realization of these parts, Deatex produces and distributes polyester spunlaced non-wovens from 25 to 200 g/m2, in white, black or color upon request. The nonwoven we offer for these parts can be water and oil repellent and/or flame retardant. Moreover, Deatex offers a range of high performance non-woven that have acoustic features requested more and more by automobile manufacturers.