In Deatexgroup we produce high-performance non-woven fabrics optimized for every filtration need. The use of special short and small diameter fibers, joined together in dedicated blends and in specific orientations, allow us to obtain structures with different density and porosity able to guarantee optimal mechanical characteristics for the different industrial filtration applications.
Liquid filtration: products from 23 to 120 g/m2, both based on viscose fibers and polyester fibers, suitable for all requirements of separation of liquids from solids (gravity, band, hydrostatic or vacuum filters), with high permeability and excellent filtering capacity.


Our special nonwovens with weights between 120 and 170 g/m2, resinated and non-resinated, based on hydrophobic and hydrophilic polyester fibers, have been developed and tested for the production of multi-tubular sheaths for industrial electric batteries, for both traction and stationary. The high resistance to mechanical and electrochemical stress, accompanied by a low electrical resistance, make the products particularly suitable for high-duty and long-term use. The fine porosity minimizes the loss of active matter contained in the pipes, both when filling the lead oxides and during use.


Supports for lamination and extrusion of plastics and for reinforcing composite items; shockproof coatings for packaging, also made with consciously managed and biodegradable raw materials; water repellent coatings for corrugated sheets.
For many applications, we produce fire-retardant substrates treated with oil and water repellents, which can be customized with prints and colors at the customer’s request.