All of our activities are carried out with the awareness that our and your entrepreneurial journey cannot ignore an ethical vision that responds to the principles of Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility: aims that are more important year after year, especially since the beginning of the new millennium.

From the first point of view, we are constantly striving to identify new raw materials and innovation in production processes which increasingly lead us to full sustainability, which we have already approached with numerous exclusive articles. Faithful to our vocation towards the "green economy", we have been using recycled polyester for some time in blends that include the use of this fibre.

All our products based on cellulosic fibres are compostable both domestically and industrially in compliance with the UNI EN13432 regulation.

In the social scope, we have implemented a Policy for ethical, social and environmental responsibility, extended to all sectors of activity, with the priority objective of guaranteeing full respect for the health, safety and dignity of workers, also adopting a Code of Ethics and a Code of Conduct.

The FSC® and PEFC certifications make us proud to process cellulosic fibres obtained according to the strictest rules of respect for nature and economy.

The recycled product range confirm our commitment to using recycled materials, maintaining traceability throughout the entire production process, respecting restrictions in the use of chemical products and environmental and social responsibility criteria, in all stages of the production chain.

Our range of products certified by ASTHMA ALLERGY NORDIC guarantee a minimal risk of allergy, and the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification (on most of our products) reaffirms our commitment to offering sustainable, but above all safe products.

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